corporate illusionist in India


In effect, the audience watches in awe as the Magic of Sourav Burman, unfolds on stage. It is notably, a  most modern large scale Production Show, specifically designed with the new generation audience in mind. With this intention, the audience is engaged as soon as the show begins. Henceforth, they are taken into a roller coaster ride of wonder, amazement and lots of fun. By the time the show finishes, they are left wanting more. Many new effects coupled with international style and choreography highlights the shows from start to finish. As a matter of fact this is what makes Sourav Burman unique and one of the top Corporate Illusionist in India.

All in all, this grand show of breathtaking illusions definitely promises to thoroughly entertain. In any event, be it a large scale corporate one or a theater production, the audience satisfaction is guaranteed. At the present time, Burman performs a full 90 minutes theater production for fundraising events. In addition to that, a shorter version of the show is presented specifically for entertainment in large scale Corporate Shows, Fashion Shows, Award Ceremonies and Wedding events.