Besides shows solely intended for entertainment at Corporate Events as mentioned in the other Show Formats, Burman also develop and present unique Illusion Concepts specifically meant to promote business in Corporations.

From spectacular Product Launches and Promotions to making your Kiosk stand out in a crowded Trade Fair, Burman Illusion Concept 2 Execution assures to have your product or brand highly talked about.

Here are a few ideas:

  • CEO / VIP magical introduction  :   How about making the special person magically appear on stage in your next Corporate Event
  • PRODUCT LAUNCH    :   Magically introduce the product to the world. The product may be produced through an Illusion or the highlights and features are demonstrated through Illusion effects.
  • PROMOTIONS   :   Brand and Product messages that are to be delivered to potential customers in BTL promotions are literally drilled inside them through entertainment and psychological stimulation. If you give Burman a product message he will design an entertaining Illusion concept to reinforce the message in the customers’ mind.
  • TRADE SHOWS  :  Attracting and drawing crowd to a particular stall or kiosk in a busy Trade Fair is the aim of every participant. Burman not only does that but also pitches the selling points through customized entertaining Illusion Effects.